It can happen to anyone – you go looking for a dustbin, and you end up buying a sofa-cum-bed for your living room. It would be great if they fit in your room, but how great of regret would it be if you cannot make space for it.
Interior design choices can be a pain, and that is why we have decided to point out 5 major Interior Design mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Sofa

A sofa set is the pinnacle of comfort in your living room. When placed in the right location. It can serve as your cosy hub in your movie times and nap den in your lazy afternoons. But beware as choosing the wrong placing of your sofa can be detrimental to your comfort.

Choose a location that will provide enough light for reading books and carrying out other similar tasks. Also, make sure that you have enough airflow to make sure you to stay cool while you rest on the sofa.

Bad Lighting

Bad lighting can take away the beauty of a place almost instantly. There is a reason why light is considered one of the most critical aspects of filmmaking.

A set of well-placed lights will elevate the beauty of that particular location and will also highlight the art and furniture you want people to have a look on. Recessed lights can serve best for art and wall hangings. While round LED lights will better suit your indoor lights.

Wrong Hanging Art

Hanging perfectly curated art pieces is an art in itself. Several factors can go wrong when choosing your hanging art.

  • Colour Combination of the wall behind the art
  • Lighting above the art
  • Light focused on the art piece
  • Texture and pattern of your art

Not Assigning a Focal Point

A focus point gives you and your guests a commonplace to zone your vision into. This point is usually taken by the TV in the living room and your fireplace in the den. These are some small examples of focal points.

Focal points can be beneficial for giving a place to all your art and other collectables. Without scattering them all in the room, you can use this focal point to provide a sensible location and direction to all your furniture.

Not showing your Personality or Character

Your home should be a collective of who you are and what you represent. It would be best if you always bought furniture and art that suit your taste and character. It is perfectly fine if you want to hang a cartoon in your bedroom if that is your fanboy moment. Make sure you have some personalization in your rooms to make your house a home.

But do tread carefully when showing personality in your main spaces such as Balcony and halls. If you plan to have people visiting your house regularly, you should be careful about what you plan to put in these places.

We pray this article will keep you away from some of the most common interior design choices.

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