A small space often feels like a burden because it seems restricted. Also, storage issues are attached to the small space. Sometimes, it ends up with lots of frustration.

No need to freak out!

Do you know with the right understanding of furniture, lighting, wall paint colours, rugs, etc; you can make your space appear bigger? Yes, it’s possible!

Here are 5 amazing ways to make your small living space appear bigger without any structural or architectural changes:

1. Matching colour contrast of walls and curtains

If you have a set of windows in the living room then don’t cover them with heavy fabric.

Keep the curtains in matching with the wall’s colours. In this way, the room will seem bigger and the proper flow of light can be maintained.

Too heavy and eye catchy curtains can influence the space of your living room, the room inevitably looks smaller.

2. Multi-purpose furniture

Especially pay attention while buying furniture for your living room, if you have a small living space. Use your genius brain and buy multi-purpose furniture.

A furniture that can be functional and fulfil the storage needs as well. With this trick, you can reduce the number of shelves and cabinets in your living space. And it will give the room a large appeal.

Also, don’t buy bulky furniture. It will capture the maximum of the space.

3. Stay neutral with colours & patterns

If you are a lover of solid and bright colours, and you have a small living space, then you should drop the bright wall paint colours idea. Bright colours make your space smaller. Instead, if you consider light or soft tone colours, they will give a neutral vibe and seems larger in your space.

Also, don’t choose heavy-handed wall patterns. Playing with textures with a monochromatic colour palette is preferable.

4. Concept of 'floating furniture

For making your space bigger, don’t push all of your furniture up against the wall. It will make your space smaller. Sounds confusing!

That’s an amazing concept of floating furniture that you can try. To make your space feel bigger, always maintain a small gap between the furniture and the wall. It makes the room look wider than it is.

5. Low seating = High ceiling

In the case of a small living room, always try to keep low seating. Prefer sofas, and armchairs with low seating. This is also a stunning trick!

Low seating will appeal to the high ceiling. And by this, your space will automatically look bigger.

There is nothing bad with the small living room. With these basic changes, you can enhance the appeal of your small space.

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