Every colour has its significance and deep-rooted meaning attached to it. But when it comes to wall colour selection, it’s so difficult to choose the right colour.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you in selecting the best paint colour for the interior walls of your home.

Without any delay, here are the 5 tips for you to give the basic idea of colour selection and read it till the last for the Pro Tip:

1. Your home, your colour choices

Although there is a lot of information for selecting the right colours and professional advice is available in the market and over the internet. But the best and easiest way to select the right colours is to start with the colours you love.

It’s your beloved home, always choose the base colour that you love and add different combinations with it.

2. Never ignore the furniture

The home furniture is the most underrated part of your home. We did lots of research for colour pain but often ignored the furniture.

The furniture and wall colours should be chosen in a way that can prove complementary to each other. Play with the colour combinations that match your home furniture and bring out the perfect appearance in your home.

In your living room, if the sofa has a navy blue colour, then also choose the carpet, side table, centre table, stools and other furniture with different shades of the same colour, so it can give a familiar touch.

3. Understand the basic color theory

There are thousands of colours on the colour palette, but remember there are only seven colours in the spectrum.

We can mainly divide these colours into two parts:

  • Dark or Deep Colors
  • Light or Warm Colors

Dark colours refer to the sense of intimacy and cosiness. If you’re picking dark colours like navy blue, forest green, black, brown etc, make sure your space must be large and have windows for the proper arrangement of natural light.

But if you have a small space and you love dark colours, then choose dark colours with lighter/ low tones. Light blues, grey, violets, indigo etc, can be the best options.

On the other hand, light and warm colours are the symbol of openness and a sense of freedom. Light colours add some more openness to your space. So in the case of a small space, warm colours like white, baby blue, pinks, light grey, ivory and nude are the best colour options.

And if you love the contrast of dark and warm colours, then play with the furniture part. White walls and navy blue furniture will complement each other and enhance the appearance of your home. Similarly, navy blue walls and golden furniture will be the perfect combination.

4. Colours that reflect your personality type

Your home should match your personality type. In your home, there must be a realm of reflection of your inner self.

  • You can choose navy blue if you’re a mature and sensible person.
  • If you’re a fun-loving and childish personality, yellow, or orange can reflect the best inner you.
  • For all the nature lovers, go blindly with the green colour. You can pick different shades like intense green, forest green, and olive green.
  • If you’re a bold personality, then black, brown, and grey are the perfect match for your home.

5. Research and experiment for picking up the best

Research yourself for picking your perfect colour. What’s my dream home look like? What are the best colour combinations that match my home interior? Ask these questions and find answers.

Apart from research, buy tester paints in a few shades and examine the difference, then finalise your colour.

Pro Tip

No matter how vibrant colours you choose, the most important aspect of every space is to find out balance. Keep the wall paints in such a way so that the overall appearance of your space must be balanced.

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