Corners are the most underrated space in your house. You never use the true potential of corners. They have always been unused. Thinking out of the box, you can not only amplify the beauty of your home but also utilise corners for optimal functional and storage purposes.

Without further delay, let's know about 7 most creative ways that can bring magic to the corners of your home:

1. Create a wall for moments

We all love to document memories. But why keep those sweet memories in the album or your phone’s gallery?

It’s time to create an aesthetic picture wall where you can place all your moments. So go to personalize the space by creating a gallery wall with family photos.

2. Setup your mini office

Post pandemic work from home has been becoming a business culture. Setting up your mini office is the best way to utilize unused corners.

An L-shaped workstation is the most preferable type where you can place your stationeries, files, laptop etc. You can also place study tables in the same way for your kids.

3. Place a tiny closet

There are so many items in your home which you use so frequently. But because of the messy closet, you are never able to find those items when you need them.

To avoid such situations, you can place a tiny closet in the corner of your home. So you can make your essentials super handy.

4. Use for storage

Installing a corner wall shelves or cabinet is the smartest way for not only functionality purposes, storage purposes as well. Triangular shelves or floating shelves can be used for displaying books, pictures or antique decor accessories.

A cabinet near the kitchen is also the most accessible way to place crockery. These tiny cabinets can also be used as your mini bar lounge.

5. Place indoor plants

Bring some nuance of freshness and nature to your home. Placing indoor plants is the best way to utilise the corners. Indoor plants compliment the overall appeal like furniture, wall paints, lighting, etc.

The plants not only enhance the entire appearance of your home but also purify the air and increase its quality. Cactus and snake plants are the most popular indoor plants.

6. Add extra seating

Introduce the extra seating space in the corners of your house. You can place an armchair, fancy stool or beanbag in the corners of your living room.

If there are indoor staircases in your house, so under the staircase, use the underneath space by placing a small bed. Decor the area with stunning cushions, rugs and wall lights.

7. Kidz play zone

If you think creatively you can bring magic to every corner of your home. Often kids’ toys and stationery are placed around at home. Sometimes it becomes an extremely hectic job to collect all those things.

So the unused corner can be the best kid’s play zone. Set up a cabinet to store all your kids’ toys and just place a small bed or table chairs.

Hopefully, these tips help you in decorating corners. For professional help connect with us.

Excess Interiors can help you in glorifying all the unused corners of your home. We believe,

Corners deserve your attention too!”

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