The kitchen is the soul of every home. The vibe of the kitchen reflects in the cooking. That’s why the kitchen must hold some warm and cosy feel. A modular kitchen is the dream of every household which appears stylish and stunning. Looking for kitchen decorating ideas that seem attractive and stylish?

Here are 7 decorating ideas which can help you to appeal the kitchen more eye-catching and open:

1. Small but organised

No matter how small your kitchen space is, however, if you focus on maintaining and organising your kitchen properly it will seem bigger, clean and attractive. Keep everything in its right place. For additional storage, you can use wall hooks, narrow shelves and hanging racks is the best way to add more space where you can keep utensils.

2. Add rugs to the centre

Drugs can help you to complement the overall appeal of your kitchen. The colour and patterns of rugs will fill the empty middle space of the kitchen. Large rugs in bold red, forest green, or royal blue create an impactful appearance.

3. Please with wallpaper and patterns

For aesthetic appeal, kitchen wallpaper will always be the best choice. Go for customised wallpapers with desired patterns that will suit your personality. Wallpapers are also preferable because it is a cost-effective option.

Make sure to always choose moisture-resistant wallpapers for your kitchen.

4. Use colour contrast

Although, there is no standard colour for your kitchen. Still, some great interior designers suggest, “Grey is the most predominant shade”. Grey fits best with any of these colour cabinets such as; black, white, cream, blue, green, or golden. It will add a stunning and warm vibe to your kitchen.

5. A place for casual seating

This is demonstrated by the open shelf holding lovely objects and the wall art in the kitchen style ideas. But the window seat design is our favourite element. It adds style to a practical place and enhances chatting time with your loved ones. For adding more vibrance, place colourful stools in the kitchen.

6. Add wall lights for luxury

When you’ve built the foundation of kitchen decoration, then start thinking about lighting. 

To illuminate the kitchen space, we prefer to place LEDs under the wall cabinets. Without them, another lighting solution is needed, so in their place, I might install kitchen wall lights with adjustable swing arms. These lights will add an attractive and warm tone to your kitchen.

7. Utilize the vertical space

Don’t allow a shortage of space to limit your sense of style. A striking tiny kitchen has much vertical space, so you should focus on using ample space. The best way is to embed a vertical cabinet where you can store your not-so-daily utensils and crockery. For your convenience keep a letter in your kitchen.

If you want to make your home interior designing and modular kitchen designing more hassle-free, all you need is professional help who understands your needs, provides consultation and then delivers the expected results within your budget. Let’s shake hands with the best Interior Designing Company Excess Interiors.

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