Window Treatment is one of the important choices in interior design. From full fitting shades to semi-transparent screens, window treatments can elevate the ambience of a room to an exquisite level of beauty.

But how is 2020’s trend for window treatment, different from the past ??

A new year brings along with a ton of new changes and this does not exclude window treatments. We have put together this article to explain the best trends in window treatment for the upcoming year.

Window treatment:

A window treatment is an extended modification of the window used to enhance the beauty of the room. Window treatments can also serve as a means of light cover to provide shade for the room whenever required.

Generally, window treatments are aimed to improve aesthetics rather than the functionality of the window.

What are the classifications of window treatment?

Window treatments are classified into three major categories based on the type of material used.

  • Hard – It includes shades and blinds which are made out of solid materials such as wood and vinyl.
  • Soft – They contain sheers, curtains, drapes which are made of soft materials
  • Layered – Layered window treatment is a hybrid of both soft and hard materials. They are highly functional while serving decorative needs.

Different types of Window Treatment:

Derived from the major category, window treatments are available in a lot of designs and styles. We have listed 2020’s most anticipated and trendy treatments down below.

Wood Shutters:

Wood shutters are always in trend for their aesthetic appearance and high technical usage. They can be a little expensive owing to their highly customizable needs, but they offer the best value in terms of longevity and presentation.

Dark wood shutters go well with a light shaded room, while natural/light wood colours compliment dark-themed rooms.

Bamboo Blinds:

They are blinds that can be pulled down with a rope or some mechanical attachment. They are thick enough to block a lot of direct sunlight, providing a haven free from light in an instant.

Bamboo Blinds are completely natural giving your room the perfect organic setup if that is something you look for in your interior designs.

Custom Printed Drapes:

2020 may be all about custom made products to your liking. Custom does not stop with dresses, suits, shoes and watches. With the evolution of technology, it has become pretty cheap to make your customizable drapes.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to figure out the custom made designs for your rooms, as individual software and service models are being developed to figure that stuff out.

Floor to ceiling curtains:

They have been around for ages and are never getting old fashioned. This model of window treatment provides a grand look by making the window space look much larger. They are like a piece of art that adds beauty to your rooms. They are also very functional by blocking out sunlight whenever required.

Layering Blinds and curtains:

Trends just keeps on getting crazier, but that does not mean they are ugly. This is a new model of window treatments where a new layer of blonds are attached over already present curtains.

The blinds can be a pull-down, while the curtain can be dragged from the sides. They serve as highly functional chic pieces can elevate the colour and contrast of any room in your house.

Pastel coloured blinds:

This is based on simplicity and lightness. Pastels are of mild yellows and soft blues, giving your room a calm and serene atmosphere.

Pastel colour based blinds are the goto window treatments for minimalistic approaches in interior design.

Trimmed designs:

Trimmed designs such as drapes and shades add a whole lot of creativity to your interior placements. They can be coloured up or down for the right ambience and setup for your design features. Trimmed drapes can also be added to give you that extra sense of privacy in rooms and resting places.

We have come to the end of our list of trendy window treatments. We hope this article gave you some idea on the different types of Window treatments available for decorative and functional purposes.

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