Vintage lights are becoming trendy these days. Everyone wants to decorate their home and bring the elegance of the vintage look. So they buy different kinds of lights, furniture and interior wall paints without having the right knowledge of interior and decorating.

If we specifically talk about lighting in your home, there are thousands of lights with various colours, shapes, materials and intensities, so how do you choose the right kind of vintage lights for your home?

Note down these 5 kinds of lights if you want to decorate your home with elegant vintage lighting:

1. Warm lights

Warm lights are lights that have a low intensity of light. These lights give the vibe of calmness and peace. That’s why the place for warm lights is your bedroom.

After the tiredness of the whole day, you want to go to bed and have a deep sleep. Such warm lights not only give you that calm vibe but also enhance the appearance of your bedroom. You can buy a pair of wall lights for your master bedroom. Also, bed table lamps and light dimmers give the most beautiful appearance.

2. Decorative lights

Decorative LED lights are not made for the centre of any space but rather used for lighting any one particular area/ corner of your room. By focusing on a small area, decorative lights spread illumination to the entire room.

The best suitable places for these lights are the staircase, hallway, entrance, corridor etc. These lights also fit the best for the room corners and balcony.

3. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are one of the trendiest lights. The lair of hanging vintage chandeliers is the perfect choice for your living and dining area. It brings the spotlight and aesthetic to your area as well as beautifies the ceiling wall of your home. Over your dining table, when the light reflects it will look too elegant.

4. Task lights

Task lights enhance the overall view and give the perfect vintage vibe. These lights are placed under cabinets to eliminate shadows. Apart from their elegant appearance, these lights give the convenience to read labels over the jars and help in the finest cooking procedure.

5. Choose brass or chrome

The bathroom is a place to refresh and restart your day. So while choosing the lights for the bathroom you have to be very particular. Brass lights capture the attention of everyone. It fits the best if the bathroom has nude or white interior paints. Brass frames look so vintage and authentic. The best part of brass lights is: that these are the most versatile kind of lights and they complement the other accessories of the bathroom.

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