Selecting a house is tight and getting it is even tougher. But do you know what is even tougher? Selecting the right paint colour for your house. You can colour your walls in a million colours, but it still won’t feel like home till you land up on the right colour for your walls. Not to be mistaken, painting is a big thing. It requires investment, labour and lots of time. Therefore, you cannot always afford to go wrong with colours when it comes to painting your dream house, making it a lot like home.

Here are some hacks that can make selecting the right colour for your house easier-

Do not rush

It is always wise to not rush the whole painting process. It is advised not to get your paint colour first. But instead, get your furniture first and then you can select the colour of your walls accordingly because it is easier to coordinate paint colours with furniture rather than it being the other way around.


Walls can be a canvas for your inspiration. Before getting into the whole painting thing, gather some inspiration. Get ideas from books, movies and the internet and browse through all your options before you land on the one you like the most. You can select themes or patterns and can have different rooms portraying different ideas according to the vibe of the said rooms.


It is always wise to stick with the neutral colours while selecting the colour of your walls because you can never go wrong with neutrals. Neutral colours almost always go with every furniture and curtains. Moreover, they never get old and can be used for creativity. You can colour your room white and be okay with it when you are thirteen and when you’ll be seventy, you would still be okay with it. Neutral colours also open a big space for experimentation. You can do graffiti art, doodle or make aesthetic arrangements on your wall and the colour would still go with every and any fate you decide of the wall. So, if you cannot decide which colour to go for, the neutrals would be there for your rescue.


Another wise hack is to use testers before actually colouring all your walls. Always go for testers of the selected colours before getting excited about the main look of your walls. Use the testers to analyse your colour selection and if you are satisfied with it, approve the colour.

So, these were some simple hacks that can prove helpful for you when you’re stuck deciding which colour to paint your walls with.

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