Designers are coming up with new revolutionary ideas every year that turns the landscape of the interior design industry upside down. 2019 is no wonder from it. Our designers have come up with ground-breaking ideas and designs that help you upgrade your home with style and confidence.

Here are 5 predominant ideas that are revolutionizing the interior design space:


It is very common to notice that just like a lot of people who prefer customized pieces for their homes, now they have started looking for customized lighting as well. Most people refrain themselves from installing fixtures from the local vendors and small businesses as they want to create unique environments. Artisan fixtures are one such solution to satisfying the craving of such customers and give a more personalized feel to their home. As a result, the artisanal fixtures deliver comforting and inviting feel.


In 2018, we saw more of tech-based décor trends. But in 2019, people are more likely to adopt fresh and natural materials such as copper, stone, granite, and concrete. It helps in reflecting the world around your home and brings in a serene and organic environment.


Times change and so does the perspective on the velvet furnishings. The days where velvet was considered old fashion are long gone. In 2019, people love to have velvet furnishing surrounded in their home as they are considered as a luxurious and comforting fabrication. Hence, velvet fabrication turned out to be the most sought-after interior design trend of 2019. You can get inspired by our well-thought velvet sofa designs for your home.


We can’t deny the fact that florals have established their existence very well since the beginning of the time. But, what we can assure you is that, for 2019, our designers have completely modernized and refreshed every bits and piece of the design. Our decorators and designers are constantly having an eye on playful scales, exaggerated proportions, contrasting colours and more to give this timeless pattern an edge for this year.


2018 was for rose gold accents. What’s up for 2019? Well, our designers have come up with unique copper and gold accents for your interiors with a mix of other extravagant metals and finishes. Orange tones and earthy hue gives this accent a competitive edge over other finishes.

If you are planning to upgrade your home with the latest home décor trends of 2019, we are your one-stop solution. With a portfolio of impeccable designs, we offer the best-in-class services that give an extra touch and humanly feel to your home.

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