Did you get your dream house and are out of ideas as to how to turn it into a home? Well, here’s a suggestion- wallpapers! Vibrant walls that speak to and about you is something that every household needs. Not only do you need your mirror but also your walls to reflect your personality. It is the simplest way to give a different look to your house, and it can be changed according to your mood or any occasion. So, if you have wallpapers in your mind, you have stumbled upon the right article!

Here are a few things that you can do with the walls in your living room-


Nothing quite brings out the character of your room than graffiti art. It not only speaks about your room but also about your personality. With the rise in hip art culture, graffiti on wallpapers is becoming really popular and is appreciated by a lot of people. It gives an edgy urban look to your room and can also be a creative yet engaging DIY project for you if you like. You cannot go wrong with some graffiti on your walls!


f you want to give your room a rather elegant and vintage look, you can always go for wallpapers that give a wooden appearance. You can place the wallpapers in panels and keep it going halfway through the ceiling to give the room a cozy rustic vibe. Having to give an impression of wooden walls goes with almost any type of flooring and also gives the room a decent character.

Paint Strips

Here’s another interesting thing you can try out on your walls. Instead of actually getting them painted, you can use the spare paint strips you got of different colour shades and place them side by side on your wall, using them as a wallpaper. It will add colour and an artistic vibe to your room. The plus point to this idea is that you won’t have to go through the trouble of actually settling down on one colour.


Another option for wallpapers that you can go for is the ones that look like markers have gone crazy over your walls. They give an appearance as if several markers stained your walls but in an artistic manner. This may sound clumsy, but it looks gorgeous. You can go for simple lines, curves, freestyle squibbles or all three depending upon the mood you want to set for the room. These wallpapers add a dramatic and exciting effect to your room without seeming too overwhelming.

So, these were some unique wallpaper ideas for your living room.

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