Top 10 Tips For Furnishing A Small House

“ Home is where every story begins … “

We all have a place called home and it is something more than just a couple of bricks, put together by cement. A home is where our heart resides and for most, a safe haven.

But what makes a house, a home?

Small or big,  a little love and personalization are what makes a house into a home. Moreover, your house is a representation of who you are and what you represent.

Personalization involves everything from choosing paint schemes, suitable flooring and spectacular pieces of furniture. We have written this article to focus on the furnishing part, involved in the process of making a house your home.

It is a great struggle to furnish our house, especially when the space is small and limited. But humans are great, as we are blessed with the power of creativity and imagination. If you have ever struggled or are struggling with furnishing options for your small house, then this article may be the right place.

We have put together 10 tips that will help you furnish your house in a grand manner.

1.Multipurpose Folding furniture :

This is one the best tip every person must use while furnishing their small apartment. Furniture like the folding sofas, size reducing tables and foldable chairs can be a goldmine in the process of making the best out of your available space. Multipurpose furniture is the greatest investment when you are the owner of a small house.

2.Get rid of clutter :

Small Spaces can be your best chance to get rid of unwanted clutter and other stuff, you rarely use. Throwing them away/ selling them, would give you a lot of free space that can be used to incorporate meaningful pieces of furniture in your small house.

If you think about it, you might have a list of items that you never use, yet seem to occupy the most important space of your house. Maybe it is time you start creating that list for better usage of your space. A better rule of thumb is, if you have not used it for more than 6 months, LOSE IT! 

3.Use those walls :

When short on floor space for the placement of furniture, you should try to incorporate walls into your placement ideas. Maybe you should stop thinking horizontally and get your creative juices flowing in the vertical.

Gone are the days, when all your furniture stood up from the floor. Modern forms of furnishing involve custom options like wall hanging drawers, bookshelves and other furniture. You can buy them online or from a local vendor to make your wall space lively and functional. 

4.Hang your Drapes a little higher :

When your house is small, it makes sense to pull all the tricks in the book to make the rooms look larger. High – hanging drapes that are placed a little lower than the roof is a great way to elevate the perceived size of your windows.

All you need to do is place long drapes before windows to improve the aesthetics of rooms. With this type of positioning, your windows look bigger and give your room the much-needed look of largeness.

5.Bigger items stay close to the wall :

When you have limited space, it is essential to stack bigger items towards the wall to save space. Pushing bigger pieces of furniture like sofas and beds up to the wall can give a bigger look to your rooms.

Do play this step with caution as this can be detrimental if you push all objects towards the wall. Smaller objects can stay a little distant from the walls and other structures. This will give your small space a varied look.

6.Plants can help you add warmth :

Plants are a great way to bring in freshness and warmth to small spaces. It can be very functional to incorporate a small plant that provides oxygen and freshness.

But if you feel that a live plant is just too much responsibility, you can go for an artificial plant that requires zero care and maintenance, apart from the occasional dusting.

7.Do not block the light:

Proper Lighting brings warmth and freshness to an otherwise dull room. Use windows to deliver natural light to your room. If you do not have a good number of windows, try to invest in quality lightings for better enhancement of the natural colours in your room. Use a set of lights to up your room and bring in a sense of warmth.

8.Use a Daybed in the absence of a guest room :

Small houses may not always have a  room for guests and visitors. But you can always use a day bed that transforms your into a sofa when not in use. It is multifunctional and saves a lot of space. Plus you can now invite guests into your home without having to worry about giving them a place to sleep.

9.Use the magic of the mirrors :

Interior designers have used the magic of the mirrors to enhance the size of rooms, for a long time now. Use large and small mirrors to give a visual perception of a bigger room in place of a smaller one. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the mirror, as too much of them can also be very disorientating for the vision. Make sure to place mirrors at selective positions to enhance the size of the room, while keeping functionality in mind.

10.Every surface is a space that matters :

Small homes and cramped spaces are a great way to use your creativity. Make use of every small space to place furniture and other functional items in a visually pleasing manner. Optimize the use of space by investing in highly functional pieces of furniture that have more than a single-use.

That is all we have for furnishing your small house. Decorating and fitting a small space with furniture can be a challenge, but implementing the above steps can ease that challenge into something conquerable. 

We hope this helps you while designing the interior of your small house.

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