Your home is an extension of your body. It means the ambiance of your home directly affects your physical and mental health. If you keep your home messier and dirty, you’ll experience mood swings, irritation, and stress. On the other hand, if you maintain cleanliness in your home, you will feel a certain positivity and calmness. 

Indoor plants add significant aesthetics to your home. They rejuvenate, clean the atmosphere and bring positivity. Also, there are enormous health benefits to keeping plants inside the home. According to Vastu Shastra, some plants help you in calming down, reduce mental stress and relax your overwhelmed senses. However, some indoor plants are the exact opposite; these plants bring negative energy which leads to bad luck.

Here is a list of 5 indoor plants that aren't ideal for your home:

1. Cactus

The Cactus is one of the most preferable indoor plants. But strangely, Vastu experts believe that the cactus is the unlucky plant that resists the well-being, harmony, and prosperity of households. Also, any plant with sharp thorns (except rose plants) must be avoided in the house. As per Vastu, Cacti transmit negative energy and bring arguments, and tensions among family members.

Placing cacti in the bedroom gives you more bad results. It affects your sleep, rest, and peace. So the right Vastu position of Cacti is outside your home, with windows and on the terrace. In these places, Cactus plants act as the “Protector” of your home where they absorb all the bad energies.

2. Bonsai

There are no doubt bonsai plants beautify your home appearance but Vastu experts have different opinions about this plant.

Bonsai is another indoor plant that experts don’t advise keeping at home. This plant symbolizes stunted growth. Keeping these plants inside the home may evoke unfavorable family fights and arguments.

3. Tamarind

Tamarind plant isn’t considered a good plant to keep inside your home. Vastu experts tells that the tamarind plan can slow down the family’s growth and bring bad luck. This plant in your home can also be the cause of illness and financial losses. 

4. Dead Plants

Plants symbolize growth, harmony, and positive energies. They add vibrance, freshness, and life to your home. That’s why every plant lover put hardcore effort to keep them “alive”. As per Vastu Shastra, keeping dead plants inside or around your house transfers bad energy and decays your family’s growth. They bring bad luck and also impact your mental health. Thus, if any plant gets dead, remove it as soon as possible.

5. Fake Plants

Fake or plastic plants are also used as home decor items, but it’s a bad choice. Fake plants aren’t alive or growing, so it doesn’t deteriorate the air quality and gather dirt. It makes your home dirty. Thus, Vastu experts suggest always using fresh and alive plants in your home.


The ‘P’ in plants stands for Purity. They purify the air in the surroundings and add peace, goodness, and harmony. So next time, when you go to buy new plants make sure to not buy these plants. Also, placing the indoor plants as per Vastu’s position. 

So choose the best indoor plants that bring auspicious luck and peace to your home.

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