Best False Ceiling Work in Hyderabad

The ceiling can make or break the decor of your house. If you have a uniform theme throughout your house interiors with carefully crafted layouts and setups, it can all get toned down if your ceiling doesn’t match it. Moreover, you can enhance your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency simply by installing smart and personalised ceilings.

Excess Interiors can help you install false ceilings, Hyderabad, that are in tune with your home’s ambience as well as highly functional and energy efficient. Our expert team is noteful of the appearance of the work while ensuring the best architectural quality of the ceiling.

False ceiling work is an attraction to your living room used to enhance the look of your house.Experience the best false ceiling work in Hyderabad
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Do you wish to upgrade your interior decor with modern and futuristic or classy false ceilings? Contact the best false ceiling designers in Hyderabad at Excess Interiors and get started right away!

Types of False Ceilings, Hyderabad

Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum is lightweight and durable with remarkable properties like thermal and acoustic insulation and fire resistance. Not only this, but the material also looks modern and classy, giving your ceilings an elegant appearance while adding salient features to them. Excess Interior provides the best quality gypsum false ceiling designs, Hyderabad, that uplift your interior decor.

Wooden False Ceiling

Elegant, featureful, and evergreen, wooden false ceilings can never go wrong. Not only are these easy to install, but they also absorb sound, are energy-efficient, and come in an array of different designs. With Excess Interiors, you can decide on the wooden false ceiling designs that suit your interior decor the best and add to its appeal.

Fibre False Ceiling

Highly durable with fire resistance and thermal and acoustic insulation, fibre false ceilings can be a great addition to your home decor. These ceilings look modern and artsy while also providing remarkable insulation from loud noises and concealment features. Excess Interiors offers the best fibre false ceiling work in Hyderabad with a variety of options to suit your preferences.

POP False Ceiling

POP false ceilings are made of Plaster of Paris which gives them a smooth finish while also being lightweight, highly customizable, and thermally and acoustically insulated. You can make your decor energy-efficient and add a cosy look to the overall setup. Contact us at Excess Interiors to get the best POP false ceilings in Hyderabad.

Metal False Ceiling

Usually made using galvanized aluminium, iron, and/or copper, metal false ceilings are easy to clean, highly durable, and extensively customizable. You can also add acoustic panels for soundproofing and several other properties. Excess Interiors can help you get the best metal false ceilings for your home, customised to your preferences.

Glass False Ceilings

While it’s not practical to install glass ceilings in certain places, they can be magical when used well. Sunrooms, greenhouses, reading nooks—glass false ceilings can enhance the beauty and comfort of such places by severalfold. You can also install these in commercial areas including cafes, bookstores, and restaurants to create an inviting ambience. Excess Interiors can help you plan the most suitable locations to use these ceilings.

Best False Ceiling Work in Hyderabad with Excess Interiors

Excess Interiors is among the best when it comes to interior decor and design. We internalize your expectations and ideas and work on them to give you the home or workplace interiors that you’ve always dreamed of. As the best false ceiling designers in Hyderabad, our team is highly acquainted with the art of installing false ceilings that complement and elevate your interiors while also being efficient. Contact us to upgrade your interior design now!








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Durable, modern, featureful, and efficient—the false ceiling designs at Excess Interiors are the best you’ll get out there. We have a team of architectural and aesthetic experts who design highly functional, power-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing layouts that match the ambience of your house. From soundproofing and thermal insulation to recessed lights and concealed wiring, you can enjoy all these features at highly affordable rates at Excess Interiors.

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