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The kitchen is an integral aspect of any home because it is here that the food we eat is produced. A kitchen in any home must be well-designed in order to make cooking an enjoyable and engaging experience. A well-designed kitchen will always make the most of the available space.

People despise the idea of spending hours inside a mundane-looking environment crammed with utensils, containers, and household equipment while making a dinner for others, as the procedure can be tedious at times. As a result, while designing a kitchen, serious and detailed attention is required, as this room is a daily hub for creativity, and a repetitive vibe might detract from the creative senses.

At Excess Interiors, we have a lot of expertise designing and refurbishing kitchen interior designers in Bangalore. Our in-house kitchen interior design professionals in Bangalore have the aptitude and professional abilities to attractively update this important place in your home, ensuring that cooking is never a chore.

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Which is better: modular or civil? Which is better: L-shaped or U-shaped? Is it more modern or rustic? Is it white or parrot green? A kitchen, more than any other room in the house, necessitates more considerations. To make things easier, get free quote now.

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Cooking may appear to be a frightening process if the kitchen is poorly constructed, but if it is effectively planned, it may make your cooking experience much more peaceful. Our highly qualified designers can develop novel yet effective kitchen interiors for you in no time if you want to improve your cooking experience.

People despise the notion of spending hours inside a mundane-looking environment crammed with utensils, containers, and kitchen appliances while making a dinner for others, as the procedure may be tedious at times. Kitchen area, as a result, needs careful consideration while planning, since it serves as a daily focus for creativity, and a repetitive atmosphere might detract from one's ability to be creative. So, if you are looking for modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore, then look no further and contact Excess Interiors.

Know About Modular Kitchen Design Types From Kitchen Interior Designers In Bangalore!

Modular Kitchen Designs By Best Interiors In Bangalore

U Shape Kitchen

This style provides your kitchen a natural, expansive appearance. The U-shaped kitchen is defined by three contiguous benchtops that surround you on three sides, with walls lined with cupboards to store kitchen equipment, utensils, and any other things you might need while cooking. It has a lot of storage space and enough of room to complete your everyday duties. This is one of the most productive kitchen designs.

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L Shape Kitchen

This is the most popular traditional arrangement, which features two benchtops on two neighboring walls. The "working triangle," or the distance between the stove, refrigerator, and the sink, must be considered while constructing a functioning kitchen. The L-shape fits into the two sides of a triangle, and the wide open area gives abundant free room for mobility, making this layout ideal for an open kitchen concept.

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Parallel Shape

This modular kitchen arrangement, also known as a Galley kitchen, comprises two working spaces that are positioned parallel to each other. Simply stated, on either side of a central walkway, you have two benchtops facing each other. The best part about having a parallel kitchen is that it allows you to effortlessly separate the jobs you need to complete on each of the counters while going in and out.

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Island Kitchen

This is the layout to choose if you have enough room for a kitchen and an open living area. If you need to add more storage space while also adding additional seats, they are becoming a more common option. The design includes a combination of L-shaped and straight kitchens, as well as a disconnected island that may be used as a dining counter if necessary.

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Straight Kitchen

This type of kitchen arrangement is common in studio and loft flats. This design features a single countertop on all sides of the cooking area, usually without complicated angles, and is maintained as simple as possible for maximum efficiency. The cabinets are located above the countertop, with a series of linear drawers below for quick access to crockery and supermarket items while cooking, reducing space and increasing usefulness.

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Modular Kitchen

This design includes cabinets constructed of a variety of materials that can withstand the wear and tear of disassembling and reassembling. If your profession requires you to move from place to place every few years, the floor units and wall cabinets may be readily uninstalled and replaced. Excess Interiors highly qualified designers can develop creative kitchen interiors for you if you want to improve your cooking experience.

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Modular kitchen questions?

There are many advantages of having a modular kitchen and some of them are:

  • Each modular item is specially built for convenience, and every part of your kitchen is well utilised.
  • Modular kitchens are made up of hardwood pieces and are meant to keep your kitchen clean and sanitary.
  • Each unit in a modular kitchen may be disassembled and removed for easy repair.
  • Excess interiors provide basic interior designs for modular kitchens. You may pick one and have it tailored to fit your choices, needs, and the available space in your kitchen. To provide you a choice of possibilities, a modular kitchen design is likely to combine Indian modular kitchen designs as well as what's happening throughout the world.

    All the accessories are mounted as per the convenience of the customer. Some of them are

  • Wall units
  • Worktop
  • Kitchen appliances
  • A modular kitchen features distinct areas for cooking and dishwashing, making it easier to operate efficiently in the kitchen. It gives you the confidence to operate in a kitchen like this. A modular kitchen helps the kitchen seem clean, hygienic, and modern by allowing simple access to the appliances.