Your wardrobe, as well as the items in it, are a reflection of your own style. When it comes to purchasing a new wardrobe or replacing an existing one, the design becomes the most significant consideration, since the primary function of a wardrobe is to organise space. Sliding door wardrobes are not only fashionable, but they also provide additional functionality because the doors can appear to glide and save space because they do not need to open externally.

Your wardrobe's design reveals a lot about your own taste and style statement. For example, in order to give rooms an apparently rhythmic flow, the style and colour of your wardrobe laminates should complement or contrast with the surrounding décor.

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Give your home a fresh, beautiful look with new wardrobes that are both stylish and functional. If you have any wardrobe-related questions, please contact Excess Interiors for a free quotation.


Openable Wardrobe

We have a range of such wardrobes available at Excess Interiors including Stylish Openable Wardrobes, Laminated Openable Wardrobes, as well as Modern and Designer Openable Wardrobes. Each includes a picture with colour combinations, an exquisite feel, and a smooth finish, as well as other attributes.

Built-in wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are custom-designed storage solutions that maximize space utilization and enhance room aesthetics. They offer tailored organization options, come in various styles, and can add property value. Professional installation is key, and maintenance is minimal. Their versatility makes them suitable for various rooms and purposes.

Walk-in Wardrobe

Excess Interiors has a large selection of walk-in closets in a variety of designs and colours at varied prices. The top wardrobe interior designers in Bangalore come up with fresh and original concepts to make the greatest items for their clients. If you want to hang your clothing, make sure you have enough meters and ceiling height. You may even have separate pull-out shoe racks for your various types of shoes with walk-in closets. Everything should be arranged in accordance with the available space and the kind of accessories you intend to use. At Excess Interiors, you can discover the greatest sort of walk-in wardrobe in Bangalore.

Wardrobe With Dressing Table

We have every form of wardrobe, whether it's a wardrobe with a dressing table or an openable wardrobe, at Excess Interiors. Our client testimonials will provide a possible foundation for prospective buyers to learn about the things we offer. Many wardrobes come with connected dressing tables and built-in mirrors, making them even more handy for our customers. Even a walk-in closet is a wonderful choice if you want to hang your clothing and store other items within, such as shoes, bags, and accessories. Along with the costs, there is also a list of services. We also provide catalogues with specs, features, and pricing for each style of outfit.

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Excess Interiors is Bangalore first pick when it comes to interior design. Our work speaks for itself in terms of quality. We have successfully completed several residential and commercial projects. Our customers' satisfaction and happiness is a testament to our efforts. Collaborate with us on your home interior design to make your life more enjoyable and enriching.








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If you're looking to buy a wardrobe online, now is the time to look at some of Bangalore's top wardrobe designs. You may go through our fantastic wardrobe options at Interior Desk based on the size of your room and the quantity of clothing and accessories you want to fit in there. One panel of the wardrobe can be separated into a couple of portions with four panels. This will free up space on the shelf for more of your jeans, shirts, skirts, frocks, and other clothing. These suggestions may be obtained by speaking with our knowledgeable staff and visiting well-known wardrobe designers in Bangalore.

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